Coalition of Patients Organisation with Chronic Disease from Romania became a member of European Patient Forum in 2010. Is the only EPF member from Romania.

In 2015, Radu Gănescu, the president of COPAC was elected as a member in EPF board. First, Radu was EPF treasurer and, in the present, he is a vice-president.

European Patient Forum is an umbrella organisation which support patients rights from all over Europe. In the present, EPF has 74 members (54 members, 19 associated members and a provisionally member).

EPF members represent chronic disease from all Europe and national coalitions of patients.

The vision is that chronic patients from all Europe have access to the highest quality of medical care, patient cantered.

EPF mission is to be a collective and powerful voice in Europe health care systems and related to the health policies to ensure an equitable access to treatment. European Patient Forum sustain the development of patients organisations through capacity building programme, educational workshops and other projects.